Craig Joyce and Daughter

In 1933 Gerald Joyce, grandfather of Craig Joyce, immigrated to the United States from Ireland. Finding a job was hard with signs reading ‘Irish need not apply’. Through perseverance that comes from a will to realize the American dream, a never quit attitude and the need to survive Gerald pushed on and eventually found a job making wire and cable in a small plant in Clinton Massachusetts. He and his wife Catherine raised 7 children. Life was hard but they were realizing the American dream. Gerald worked in that cable plant his entire life.

Craig Joyce's parents

Gerald’s oldest son, also named Gerald, with help from his father also found work in the same small cable plant. Gerald went on to carve out a comfortable middle-class life selling wire and cable. Gerald was one of the best. He was respected and admired by those in his industry. Gerald and his wife Elizabeth raised 3 children.


Gerald and Elizabeth’s oldest son Craig invented Duckt-Strip®. “I tell everyone with pride I am a 3rd generation wire guy! The lessons I learned from my father and grandfather shape who I am today. I honor them with every coil, box and spool of Duckt-Strip® we sell to contractors who want the best and will settle for nothing less in their installs. That is why we do what we do at Duckt-Strip®. I hope every day that I am honoring Gerald and Gerald and making them proud.”

Craig and Gerald Joyce

If you are interested in learning more about Craig Joyce, Duckt-Strip, or wish to request a sample, Craig would love to hear from you.


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